Name: Foliage blogger template

Added by: Michael

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Foliage for Blogger is a one column template with AJAX top menu and smooth scrolling functions. This template is modified from its award winning WordPress version called Foliage (v1.02), which designed by Derek Punsalan. WordPress version of this beautiful theme can be found at authors blog. You can also get the theme PSD graphics from his blog, and fully customize the template through your needs. Check out live demo of this template to see it fully functional.


Main features:

  • One column layout
  • AJAX top menu
  • AJAX smooth scrolling for internal links
  • Integrated Google Sitesearch

This is a free template released under GPL license. This means that you can use this template for your personal or commercial blog, edit it according to your needs, and even re-distribute it as long as you keep the license and the credit links at the footer intact.

Note: This Blogger template is for the Classic Blogger and will not work with the newer xml templates.

Some advices from bloggertemplates[dot]org

(0) I advise you to disable float alignment (under "Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Formatting > Enable float alignment > No") and not to use image positioning options while uploading images, otherwise layout problems may occur. Use class="left", class="right" or class="center" instead for positioning images with float alignment.

(1) AJAX library used for the top menu and smooth scrolling effect is compressed version of jQuery, and the interface elements created for jquery by Eyecon. Although these are very lightweight libraries available for creating effects like this templates has, these scripts can adversely effect your page loading times.

(2) Google Sitesearch is a free tool offered by Google, and its nothing to do with AdSense for Search. It can only produce results for the pages indexed by Google, and may not work if your blog haven’t got any.

(3) This template has been tested with Internet Explorer 6, Opera 9, Safari 1.3, Firefox 1.5.x (both Windows and Linux versions) and Konqueror 3.5. Although layout seems okay with all of these browsers, AJAX top menu of the template is not working with Konqueror and Safari. I suggest you to use Firefox for best performance. If you haven't downloaded yet, why don't you for safer and faster internet experience?