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Creation blogger template was very wonderfully designed, 2 column Blogger(blogspot) template. This was originally a wordpress theme by Ophelia Nicholson and converted to blogger template by bloggertricks

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1. Navigation links

Press Ctrl+F to find this below code..

<div id="'header-menu'"><br /> <ul><br /><li><a href="'YOURLINKHERE'">Home</a></li><br /><li><a href="'YOURLINKHERE'">Pictures</a></li><br /><li><a href="'YOURLINKHERE'">Videos</a></li><br /><li><a href="'YOURLINKHERE'">Contact</a></li><br /><br /><br /> </ul><br /> </div>

2. Change Timestamp format

Please read the post How to change timestamp format in blogger